Personal blogs have reduced in numbers over the past few years. Mainly because, it is difficult to drive traffic to them. A majority of people who used to write regularly in their personal blogs have moved to writing on their social media profiles, as it brings more engagement and reach. After all, that’s what most people write for, isn’t it? To be heard..

Alright, so what am I doing here, writing a personal blog? The way I operate is by reading and learning about a wide array of topics. This pursuit of learning and never ending curiosity is what that drives me. I am also an architect by education, which is an added bonus, as the profession requires me to do just the same. With that being said, when you learn about a lot of new things, you draw up weird new connections that you never thought about before. I come up with an average of ten new ideas a day, in a wide array of fields.

Of course not all of them are original ideas. Some of them are about how you can improve an existing this, while some are a result of relating two unrelated fields. That’s how my brain works. I am able to make these weird connections all the time. I do realize that ideas themselves are worth nothing without execution. It’s not physically possible for me to execute all of them. Partly because I don’t have the skill set to execute some of them, and the time for others. This maddens me a lot.

So, I thought I would document all my thoughts, ideas and other random shit here. So, I will be able to revisit it sometime in the future if the need arises. I’ve been blogging for 9 years now and the idea of creating a marketable ‘niche specific’ personal blog is there, but I want my personal blog to be more like a public scrapbook than as a marketing channel. At-least, for now.

So, a good number of the posts will most probably be dumb shit. I plan to write some long-form content as well, as and when I find the time. I am not really sure at the moment about how I will get people to read this though. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to do it later, or maybe not.

The topics that I am currently interested in are:

  • Architecture
  • Urbanism
  • Technology
  • Entreprenurship
  • Programming
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Psychology (Especially behavioral psychology)
  • UI/UX
  • Design thinking

Not necessarily in that order.

I am also hoping to learn a few skills along the way. I will be documenting my process in various social networks, and in the blog as well. This helps to create a one stop to shop for future references as well.

PS. This is my third attempt at personal blogging. The first one was a private blog at Tumblr. The second one was a public blog at Tumblr as well. This is the third one, a self hosted WordPress blog. Hopefully this time I write for longer than before.

If you are reading this, and like what I am doing here, let me know. It helps more than you know.

Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash

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