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May-Jul 2022


Studio A: Amar Ramesh, Rajiv Sankar, Subhiksha Thiagarajan, Sunanda Vasudevan and the team in collaboration with Ganesh Babu RP.

Awards & Mentions
  • The booklet was used in the welcome kits shared with players and support staff in the 44th Chess Olympiad (Chennai).

A Framework to Explore Chennai

Dear traveller,

Welcome to Chennai!

Chennai also known as Madras (the official name until 1996), is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The state’s largest city in area and population as well, Chennai is located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, and is the most prominent cultural, economic and educational centre of South India.

The traditional and de facto gateway of South India, Chennai is among the most-visited Indian cities by foreign tourists.

In this booklet, we want to share with you a brief glimpse of the places, experiences, food and objects that Chennai has to offer.

We wish you a wonderful time here. 🙂


The project was initiated by Amar Ramesh of Studio A, to revamp the existing Chennai tourism guide for TamilNadu Tourism Department. This was planned around the 44th Chess olympiad that was planned in the city. The event would attract chess players from around the world and thus it was necessary to have an updated version.

The initial brief was to redesign a fold-out style tourism guide. I proposed that we take a booklet approach, and if it is of a high quality, then people should be enticed to take it with them to their home libraries and not forget it at the airport on their way back. 

The idea was also to organise the content of the booklet into four categories:

Places to see
Experiences to try
Food to taste
Objects to buy

instead of one large guide. This framework would give a holistic insight into how the city works and not only the touristic destinations.


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