January 15, 2024

Growth of European Cities in the Last 1000 Years | Short Histories and Drivers of Change

This article is a work in progress and I update it once in a while with relevant information as my thinking on this topic evolves. I am not sure if this will ever be complete, hopefully it does. Please be vary of accuracy. I'll add links to sources over time. Last updated  on: 15.01.2024 Throughout history, the largest cities have risen and fallen around the world, often due to changes in trade routes, infrastructure, exploitation of specific resources, migration, and industrialization. The Netherlands Sometimes we hear about the disproportional influence of Amsterdam in Dutch politics. The city’s influence is probably…
April 18, 2020

32 Trillion font views stacked

At the time of writing this line, Google fonts had 37,926,883,824,759 views.  That is almost 38 trillion, with a T. Context: If you haven't tried building websites or apps, you might have not heard of Google Fonts. Your operating system, say Windows 10, comes preloaded with a few fonts. If…
January 2, 2018

Nature Vs Man-Made | Part 1

This article is a stream of consciousness journal entry and might not have much narrative coherence and might have logical fallacies. I find this idea of dichotomy between nature and man-made quite amusing. What it means is that, here are two forces of creation, one being nature and the other…